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Insurance Claim Consulting

Unexpected events can adversely affect companies across various industries at any time. These incidents range from catastrophic events like natural disasters to more obscure issues such as cyber breaches or employee theft. When such events occur, it is crucial to recover losses and restore normal operations swiftly.

Business Interruption

• Gross earnings/gross profits
• Contingent business interruption
• Extra expense/expense to reduce loss
• Expediting expense
• Ingress/egress
• Civil authority
• Infectious disease
• Complex deductibles

Deep Experience

Our team of claims experts possesses extensive experience in preparing all types of claims, both domestically and globally. We work with a diverse range of clients, from multinational Fortune 100 companies to privately held firms, across all sectors.

Catostrophe Claims

Our professionals provided expert accounting claims preparation services for over 100 business interruption claims following Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. Our team served clients across various industries, addressing complex issues such as service interruption, causation determination, overlapping losses, and calculation of multiple deductibles.

Value-Add to Insurers

Our dedicated professionals ensure efficient claim preparation, tailored to the size and complexity of each assignment. Our services often justify their cost by reducing clients' internal resource expenditure and accelerating insurance recovery, maximizing compensation. Additionally, our fees typically qualify for reimbursement under "claim preparation" or "professional fees" endorsements in most commercial insurance policies.

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