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Company Profile

Navigating the Acquisition Landscape with a Commitment to Legacy Preservation and Collaborative Growth in Family Businesses.

Welcome to Rhode Group, your gateway to a world of strategic investments and transformative ventures. We are a dynamic entity seamlessly merging the realms of real estate and private equity, creating a diverse portfolio of opportunities. Specializing in real estate endeavors, including development and multifamily investments, Rhode Group stands at the intersection of innovation and investment. Beyond real estate, our dedicated Search Fund actively pursues compelling investment opportunities in private companies.


Fueled by funds from our own Family Office and driven by a vision of collaborative success, we invite partners and investors to join us on this journey. Rhode Group is more than an investment platform; it's a catalyst for growth and a hub for visionary partnerships. Explore the convergence of real estate and private equity with us, as we shape the future of strategic investments.

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