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Our Fund

In our fund's quest for strategic investments, we prioritize mature, high-quality businesses with a stable financial foundation. Targeting entities with a cash flow ranging from $500,000 to $3.0 million, we value stability demonstrated by consistent year-over-year performance. Our focus extends to businesses exhibiting modest growth trajectories, aligning with our vision of sustainable success. Additionally, we actively seek businesses where the founder-owner is looking towards retirement, recognizing the unique opportunities for growth and transition that such circumstances can present. By embracing these factors, we aim to cultivate enduring partnerships with businesses that not only meet our financial criteria but also align with our commitment to long-term value creation.

Our Model

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Business Model 

  • Established, high-caliber enterprises

  • Non-cyclical, avoiding project-centric structures

  • Diversified customer base with no significant concentration

  • Businesses led by their founder-owners


Financial Track Record and Position

  • Cash flow ranging from $500,000 to $3.0 million

  • Consistently stable year-over-year performance

  • Demonstrating modest yet sustainable growth

  • Businesses where the owner seeks retirement



Our private equity fund strategically invests exclusively in industries that complement our extensive real estate experience, ensuring a synergistic approach to value creation and sustainable growth

Our Past Investments

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